Measurement Of Wide Ball Line In Cricket | Meaning Of Wide Ball In Cricket

Measurement Of Wide Ball Line In Cricket

If you are new to the game of cricket, then you can have quite a lot of confusion about when the umpire gives or call the wide ball in cricket. As there are many ways in the game of cricket, when the umpire calls the wide ball, you are bound to get confused. In cricket, Wide Ball is termed as that ball which goes over the head of the batsman or it is very wide from batsman. Wide ball cal also be called by umpire when it is beyond the reach of a batsman. Generally, Wide ball is called when the ball is far from the reach of the batsman and comes under prescribed law for wide ball. If batsman cant offer a batting stroke while being in a traditional position according to cricket rule it can be called as wide ball. The main reason to penalize for wide delivery is because wide delivery is difficult for batsman to play with full control. Thats why the ball which is far from the batsman and is difficult to play can be called as wide ball.

In the game of Cricket, wide ball is quite advantage for the batting team. on the other hand, wide ball is a penalty for bowling team. According to the game of cricket, wide ball is a offense which can lay a negative impact on the game of cricket,thats why the bowling team and specially the bowler has to bear the burden of bowling a wide ball in cricket. In the game of cricket sometimes there are situation when wide ball and no ball both take place in a single delivery. In that situation umpire declare that particular delivery as a no ball instead of a wide ball. There can be a serious impact on the score of batting team due to wide ball penalties. So in order to avoid those penalty runs bowling teams avoid to bowl Wide ball.


Measurement Of Wide Ball Line In Cricket

In this article, we will tell you all those things and measurements which are related to wide ball in cricket. First of all let us know when umpire calls for wide ball in cricket?
A wide ball in cricket is called by the umpire when the ball is far enough from the batsman’s reach after being bowled by the bowler. There is a specific marking for a wide ball in cricket and when the ball is bowled out of that marking, the umpire calls it a wide ball.
The umpire can call the ball wide not only at the distance of the ball but also if it exceeds the estimated height of the ball.
The definition of a wide ball may sound simple, but it is quite challenging for the umpire to do this on the field.
Detail On Cricket Pitch Measurement


Rule For Wide Ball As Per Cricket Laws

Rule No. 22 of the Laws of Cricket explains the definition of a wide ball.

Meaning Of Wide Ball In Cricket

Law 21.1.1 According to it, if a bowler bowls a ball that is not a no ball, the umpire can judge him as a wide ball if the ball is out of reach of the batsman standing at the striker’s end when he is standing in his normal guard position.
Law 21.1.2. Explains that the ball can be considered wide only if it can easily pass from a considerable distance of the batsman and the batsman cannot hit it with his bat.


Wide ball line Measurement in cricket

The total distance of wide ball line from the middle stump is 0.89 meters or it can be 35 inches or it can be approximately 3 feet in length on both off side and leg side from middle stump.
In Test matches, Leg side wide line is considered as 0.89 meters as same as on off side of the pitch. While in Odi and T20 format the leg side of wide line is of much shorter length. Inorder to avoid bowlers to bowl negative bowling. In test matches wide line rule is not as strict as in one day and t20 format.

Wide ball rule

According to the rule 22 of The MCC which prescribed the international laws of cricket. There is a misconception which means all balls which are out of Batman’s range can be called as a wide ball. This law and come into force only when batsman’s movement should not be deliberately done to create this situation.


In the situation of wide ball and no ball in same delivery

In the situation of wide ball and no ball in same delivery the on field umpire will make the decision and will call that ball as a no ball.


What if batsman get dismissed on a wide ball.

Though wide ball is termed as the penalty for bowling team but in some cases batsman can be out on wide ball also.

Ways by which batsman can be out on Wide ball-

Hit wicket

Obstructing the field

Run out



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