Batting Average in Cricket | How to Calculate Batting Average

Batting Average 

In Cricket, we can Judge Performance of any player on basis of some of the important Cricket calculations.  For batsman, Batting Average is one of the most Important and confusing Calculation. Batting Average is standard measure which is used to compare batsman from one to another on basis of their Performance.  In the game of cricket player’s batting average is the total number of runs a batsman has scored divided by the numbers of times the batsman have been out is called as batting average of the player

Calculation Batting Average 

As explained batting average can be a a good metric to measure any individual players skill as batting average measure the ability of a person himself the calculation of batting average does not involve the team performance or other team members performance that’s why batting average is a perfect metric to calculate individual players skill level

The technique of of calculating batting average of any player is since the 18th century from that time batting average calculation is a perfect metric to calculate batting performance of any individual player the different types of matches grounds and even his whole career. In cricket, batting Average are total number of runs made by batsman divided by the number of times he got out in making those runs.


Cricket calculations

Formula for Calculating Batting average in cricket

Batting Average = Runs Scored / Number of Completed Innings


What are Completed Innings in Cricket

Completed Innings in the game of cricket are those Innings in which Batsman gets Out.

The one Important thing which everyone has to keep it in mind is that Not out Innings are never added under Completed Innings.

So, inorder to get Completed Innings we subtract the innings in which batsman got out from total innings batsman has played.

Calculation of Completed Innings

Inorder to calculate completed innings we have to use this formula

Complete Innings= (Total Innings – Not Out Innings)


Video in Hindi On Batting Average Calculation


Examples to understand batting average calculation

Let’s Understand this with help of some Examples

(1) Player Scored- 500 Runs in 10 Matches and in 10 matches he got out in 5 matches only.

So, Bat Average will be=  500/5= 100.


(2) Player Scored- 600 Runs in 10 Matches and he got out only in 6 matches.

So, Calculation will be=  600/6= 100.


As per the calculation for batting average the calculation can be highly affected or can be changed due to the number of not out innings batsman has played. As in the calculation of batting average the not out innings of a batsman are are not counted.

In cricket batting average can be termed as the number of runs scored by a batsman. Before he gets out the whole average number of runs are called as batting average.

Why batting average is important

The batting average of a particular batsman is very important in order to determine the capability of a particular batsman. As the total number of runs scored by a particular batsman and the times he got out is quite dependent on the performance of a individual. That’s why batting average is an important tool to enhance or assess the skills of a particular batsman in cricket.
What can be a good batting average in cricket

From the time of a traditional cricket to now the cricket of modern days graph of batting average has been improving day by day.

As more and more exposure is been provided to the batsman all over the world with new facilities to enhance their cricketing and batting skills the graph of batting average from past time has been increasing tremendously.

Similarity of batting average with strike rate

Strike rate is also one of the the important tool to calculate the capability of a particular batsman but it is not as same as batting average. Strike rate of a batsman indicates about the rate at which the batsman score runs. It often indicate about the speed of a batsman to score runs. It indicates whether the batsman is very aggressive or defensive in nature.
Strike rate of a particular batsman can be calculated by the dividing the number of total runs scored bye the number of balls that batsman faced

A suggested strike rate of a batsman is different from a batting average. But strike rate of a batsman provides with a complete capability of a batsman wether he scores runs fast. Or the Batman is on a defensive side photo more balls to complete runs in comparison with it

Symbol of batting average

In cricketing language batting symbol in scoreboard aur cricketing term is denoted by the symbol (AVG or  AVE) in statistics and record section

By above explanation and calculation tricks we hope that now you can easily calculate and record your batting average.

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